LED glass Manufacturing

LED Glass is manufactured according to the technologies of triplex production. The material consists of two or more layers fastened with a special film under high pressure. LEDs with invisible conductive coating are placed between the glass layers. A conductor with electric current is placed on the edge of the glass. This technical solution allows to preserve the transparency and aesthetic appeal of the material. 

Thus, the LED glass is an extremely durable, reliable material with infinite possibilities in the field of illumination and glazing of premises, décor and advertising. 

LED glass - refined design and technology sophistication

Technical characteristics of LED glass:

  • Light sources are placed in any preferred location of the glass.

  • The minimum distance between the LEDs is less than 25 mm.

  • The glass surface remains completely transparent and lets through over 80% of the visible light. 

  • Mode switching time takes less than 1 second. 

  • There are several colour options for leds: white, green, red, blue, yellow, RGB.

  • Operating temperatures range from-50 °c to + 70 °c. 

  • The maximum dimensions of the glass 3210 mm x 2250 mm. 

  • Thickness of the glass is 10 mm and higher.  

Advantages of LED Glass

This type of material has many advantages over standard glass.

  • triplex is a shock absorbent and completely safe material.

  • leds consume a minimum amount of electricity. 

  • possibility of application in internal furnish of premises as well as for façade glazing of any areas. 

  • can be used as a media façade. The outer side turns into a screen, which broadcasts any static or dynamic content.  

  • the glass is moisture resistant and does not pass harmful ultraviolet radiation. 

  • the material has a long service life, LEDs can be used for up to 17 Years. 

  • image is static and dynamic.

  • different control modes - with motion sensor, with Ipad, Iphone, Android

  • working voltage is less than DC 60V

A large number of positive features expands the
scope of application of the LED triplex, turning it into a versatile material
with various functions. 
  • Using triplex with LEDs in a commercial sector
  • Glass with LEDs in home interior
  • The use of LED glass in the design of offices, shops, restaurants and nightclubs is a great way to demonstrate the high status of a company. The ability to use LEDs as trade marks, symbols, numbers, unusual compositions helps to convey the necessary information, influence the perception, draw attention to details and make the company stand out. 

    The LED glass is successfully used as partitions for space separation, window glazing and shelving, logos, outdoor and indoor advertising. Led Glass is a bright and modern way of unique and effective attraction of attention. 

    This type of material is successfully used in glazing facades of office buildings and industrial complexes. In the daytime, high-tech glass fills the room with light, and at night turns into a real dazzling work of art, which draws people’s attention.

  • Exclusive LED glass can serve as an additional as well as the main source of light in your Interior. Easy control, high durability and minimal energy consumption allow the smart glass to become not only unique, but also practical material for glazing and furnishing. During the day the surface easily lets the sunlight in, and in the dark the design turns into spectacular artificial lighting of the interior.   The glass with LEDs is successfully used in window glazing, ceiling furnishes, manufacture of exclusive furniture and elements of an interior, steps and parapets for staircases, visors and even fences.


PG Magic smart glass in a new reading, PG Light LED glass.
PG Light LED Glass

LED glass-impeccable quality and exceptional reliability

Our company is an experienced manufacturer of high-quality LED glass for the implementation of exclusive projects of any scale. 

Ultra-modern, durable and multi-layered glass with LEDs transforms the interior of any room into an innovative project, which is capable of impressing even the most sophisticated imagination. 

For all questions concerning the design, production and installation of constructions with LED glass, you can always contact the specialists of our Company. You are guaranteed professional advice and competent assistance in choosing the optimal solution for the implementation of any, even the most daring and exclusive Ideas. Pick up that phone and call us +44 75 94039558!

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