Interiors of modern restaurants, cafes, clubs and hotels differ by the particular brightness and extraordinary spatial solutions. To help owners of hotels and restaurants we offer high-technology solutions that undoubtedly highlight a particular building atmosphere.

To create private atmosphere in cosy hotel room or VIP-room a switchglass PG Magic will be the best solution. It provides space zoning in the mode of transparency. This technology is successfully used as projection screen that can be thrown with a picture of high accuracy. This feature is used in interior as well as in the shop windows and building front faces.

LED glass PG Light perfectly fits for bright and extraordinary structures such as podiums, floors, steps, stairs and their rails, bar counters and tabletops, sign-boards and any other advertisement structures, and it is more often used in shop windows and front faces.

Wired triplex glass with two-sided printing. Between the glass layers there is a metal mesh with different printed images on its sides that are designed for solving different decorative problems. This original printing technique is used not only for designing interior doors and office divide walls.    It is also an ideal solution for front face glazing because an image printed on the metal mesh does not influence on the amount of transmitted light. 

Panels PG Honeycomb are an ideal solution for interior room furnishing. Due to variety of textures and materials applied in exterior finishing the honeycomb panels imitate almost any material from metal and glass to stone, concrete and carbon. Their increased strength properties, simple installation and lightness make this material a unique thing for architects and designers.

We will be pleased to consult you in any technology interesting for you. Due to various functional and decorative features every technology from the above-mentioned ones can be used for decorating interior and front faces solutions.

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