Manufacturing of smart glass products to order

The Russian company AO "Private Glass" – is the recognized leader of the high technologies market in glass industry. From the very beginning of its creation, our company has been actively promoting innovative high-tech glass designs. We can offer a professional expertise of first class specialists who turn impossible into possible.

At present the company Brairock Ltd offers its customers innovative products made according to the following technologies:

  • Glass with variable transparency. Transparent design becomes matte at the touch of a button thanks to the power supply to crystal segment. Glass is used for an instant zoning of space and creation of confidentiality.
  • The glass is used in façade glazing. In bright sunlight, the electrochromic glass changes colour from transparent to blue, providing comfortable lighting and temperature. It absorbs infrared ultraviolet radiation. The glass changes its colour from colourless to blue when the conductive layer is energized.
  • Heated Glass. An ultra-modern solution for panoramic glazing, standard windows, glass roofs and visors. Surface heating up to 60 ° C eliminates icing and condensation.
  • LED Glass. Glass-triplex with built-in LEDS. Aesthetically attractive, transparent material with unlimited possibilities of application in façade glazing, advertising industry, HORECA segment, as well as in interior design.
  • Cellular panels. Light and sturdy panels with aluminium filler in the shape of a hexagonal honeycomb, the outer surface of which is made out of various materials. It has an external coating made out of various materials. Multilayer panels allow to receive various textures in furnishing without adding extra weight.

Production of translucent designs to order

Modern technologies, high-precision European equipment allows to produce impact resistant materials, resistant to atmospheric influences and mechanical damage.

Our technologies form a basis for development and creation of the following glass products:

  • Facade glazing;
  • Windows and stained glass;
  • Office and interior partitions;
  • Conference and VIP-rooms;
  • Curtain glazing;
  • Suspended glass ceilings;
  • Exclusive glass products with the integration of other materials according to individual sketches;
  • Designer towel rails;
  • Floors, ladders, staircases;
  • Roofs and visors.